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A very small and old town within the district of Port Dickson,. You can see that most of the buildings here are prior to WW2. The reserved forest, Hutan Lipur Pasir Panjang is located here.

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VnetHomes near Pasir Panjang town:

VH7134 Venti

(drive 8 minutes)

VH7135 Grande

(drive 8 minutes)

VH7136 Olive

(drive 8 minutes)

VH7051 Langkawi

(drive 9 minutes)

VH7052 Pangkor

(drive 9 minutes)

VH7053 Lumut

(drive 9 minutes)

Blue Lagoon Vacation Homes

(drive 11 minutes)

Places within the mukim of Pasir Panjang:

Hutan Lipur Pasir Panjang

Jambatan Kuala Linggi


Food Spots in Pasir Panjang:

MIB Kg Telok

Yiap Teck Chicken Rice